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Show me the class of the mass and shift further.

This game washes the karma of the world and the heavens. It takes 5 minutes to do that. First I show you how the game is working, after this you try it out yourself. You just have to play “Table 1” and summarize your points. To get the result of your game click on the “result- button” at the end of “Table 3”. In total there are 0 – 49 points to give.

Step 1- see Table 1:

There are seven gates and seven dimensions with different words. Give 0 or 1 point to each one and write the points down yourself. 0 points means “I don’t like that word or its position”, 1 point means “I like that word or the position”.

In example the word “Love”. If you like to love, give 1 point to “Love”. If you don’t like to love, give 0 points to “Love”. If you don’t like “Love” either in its gate or its dimension give 0 points to “Love”.

You don’t have to evaluate the position of the word itself, you can simply give one point or not by liking or disliking the words.

Step 2- see Table 2:

 Your given points will be transferred into a binary code system.

Step 3- see Table 3:  

 Your created binary code system will be transferred into an “Anagram”. 0 points = white, 1 points = black. See “Table 3”.


Step 4- Carrie's color theory to shift the world's karma (black and white are colors for this game):

 If you give 0 points to every word, your Anagram will be white, therefor your result get transferred into the white box. Thus you just have put the world's karma into a white state. If you give 1 point to every word, your Anagram will be black. Your result is transferred into the black box and you just have shifted the world's karma into a black state. If you mix 1 and 0 point, black and white, your result will be shown in the grey box. Even if you have 48 black points and 1 white point, your resulting color will be grey, a very very very dark grey, but grey. Variations in grey color are the most common world's karma shifting result, by repeating the game only the tone of grey will be different. 

Play the game with Table 1 

Result- buttons:

To get the result, just summarize the points. 

If you have 49 Points, click here

If you have 48- 1 Points, click here

If you have 0 point, click here


Play this game again in a few days, weeks, months or years.


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Carrie, 1st March 2016.